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John Weir, Bath-based Chief Executive of the Wearable Technology Showwill meet experts to discuss the interface between the fashion industry and advances in technology and how these exciting developments will impact the way we look, feel and function in fashion of the future.

Special guests, CuteCircuit are a pioneers in the field of Wearable Technology. Francesca and Ryan, CuteCircuit’s co-founders and designers founded CuteCircuit in 2004. CuteCircuit is the first fashion label to seamlessly integrate fashion design with interactive technologies creating garments that look spectacular and feel magical. CuteCircuit is pushing the boundaries of what fashion should mean in the 21st Century.They say “ at CuteCircuit we believe that the future of fashion is now, and finally the world agrees. “Wearable Technology has become the catch-all buzzword, but does anyone know exactly what it is?

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Tickets on sale 22 Feb

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call 0844 847 5256


Cost: £10

Students: £5

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Category: Talk

Time: 18:00

Venue: The Assembly Rooms