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FILM: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (PG) Introduced by Sarah Bailey, Editor-in-Chief, Red Magazine

Cinematography and costume design combine in this ravishing drama to hugely nostalgic effect. Two cuckolded neighbours find themselves falling for each other but endeavour to behave more nobly than their partners. Fabulous camera work by Christophe Doyle frames the grace and tragedy of the protagonists with an artist’s eye, and the outfits, in particular Cheung’s cheongsams, are simply gorgeous in this deeply affecting but understated love story. Number 5 of The Guardian’s Greatest Romantic Films of All Time, no less. Similar in many ways to Brief Encounter, so bring a hanky!

Booking tickets:

Tickets on sale 22 Feb


Cost: £10, concesions available

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Category: Film

Time: 14:00

Venue: The Little Theatre