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Boux Avenue

At the mention of a concierge, you would be forgiven for thinking you were at a top hotel, not a high street lingerie store, yet Boux Avenue offers just that. Along with a free bra-fitting, each fitting room is equipped with three different light settings and an intercom to make the experience as personal as possible.

Having never shopped in Boux Avenue before, I was skeptical at the level of customer service a chain store could provide. Entering through the sleek black storefront, I was immediately met with the aesthetics of an Art-Deco inspired boutique, with lingerie clearly displayed, the majority stored neatly in drawers underneath, not unlike American brand Victoria’s Secret.

An assistant was quick to offer greetings and assistance, along with a free bra-fitting. More than happy to oblige, I was led to a changing room and left to undress. The ‘taffeta’ room was fitted with two boudoir-style lamps that could be adjusted to three different light settings, and alongside the door was a classically styled intercom. I observed on my way in an old-fashioned black telephone that connected the customer to the assistant, with an answer of, “Concierge, how can I help you?”

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It was little touches like this that truly elevate Boux Avenue into a league of its own. Not only did the smiling assistant correctly measure my bra size, she advised me on the best style for my body shape and the correct positioning of the straps. Bringing back two separate styles for me to try, she was attentive and listened to my needs.

Having decided upon a beautiful black lace set, I was led to the till. As you can see from the picture below, my new lingerie was packed with incredible care, scattered with scented silk rose petals, and wrapped in their signature lace-print tissue paper alongside a White Chiffon fragrance bag. Also included as a special treat was a variety set of the best skin and beauty products Boux have to offer, in the White Jasmine Heart gift set. Finished in a gift box and bag, I was then offered membership to their VIP club, which promises the user amazing rewards and treats, collection previews, monthly prize draws and invitations to glamorous events.

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The entire shopping experience from entering to leaving was a pure delight. Not only was the lingerie beautifully displayed, but the staff were friendly, helpful, and more than willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Buying lingerie should be a pleasure, not a chore, and Boux Avenue surely proves it in every way.

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Jesse Young is an MA Fashion Writing student at Bath Spa University.

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