BIF Blog #1

Bath in Fashion (BIF) is a special event. But don’t just take my word for it; I am in very good company in that belief.

The Business of Fashion’s Director at Large Tim Blanks agrees. He told us ‘Bath is probably leading the way in the UK with this kind of approach, this kind of overview of fashion ‘. Fashion blogging powerhouse Susie Bubble told us that it was a ‘pleasure to be part of it’ having been a guest speaker at our 2015 event alongside Blanks.

If actions really do speak louder than words, then the BIF team can justify the odd audible boast because the growing list of the fashionably famous and fashionable voices that have chosen to participate in our event over the past 6 years is a fabulously raucous one.

During #BIF 2015 #Roksanda (so famous she needs only her first name) and fashion royalty #AnnaSui spoke about their early careers and their love for their work. Amongst notable others, they thrilled the mesmerised audiences with tales of their superstar lives and the creative catalysts or muses that have inspired them.

These stories and from others had us all captivated inside the cavernous splendour of the exquisite and befitting pomp of the #TheAssemblyRooms, a backdrop to many a fashionable gathering across the centuries.

We can honestly say that the very best global fashion contributors have joined in across the years. Sarah Mansfield the BIF Chair, remembers one particular year looking out in to the audience and surveying the scene. ‘I was introducing Manolo Blahnik and could also see Stephen Jones, Hamish Bowles, Deidre McSharry, and Sarah Mower plus others. I knew that BIF was being taken seriously …  that it had come of age.’

It’s not just the big names that make our fashion celebration such a seismic point in the Bath calendar. I enjoy the intertwined level of conversation that happens across all quarters. The incredible fashion course leaders at the Bath Spa University are celebrated, so too are the globally unrivalled curatorial staff from the Fashion Museum. We work alongside our tourist champions Visit Bath in heralding more than just Roman and Austen culture, and take a closer look at both Bath high street style and champion our diverse independent retailers; from Southgate to Grace & Ted.

So, bring on #BIF2016. I am excited for Nicholas Oakwell’s couture Great Great Dress as much for its Cheryl connection as well as for its sheer beauty and opulence. I’m intrigued to learn more about e-textiles and sustainable fashion as much as I want to hear from the man of the moment Erdem and I am keen to add my mark to the #Vogue inspired Colouring Wall. And if Harpers Bazaar are in town, then I am all ears.

Like I said, special.

Our BIF Blog will celebrate many of the incredible special events that are taking place across Bath in Fashion April 18-24

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– Sarah Baker, Social Media Manager